How Charming Are You?


Do you love being in relationships?

What holiday matches your love?

Are you a hopeless romantic?

When you see a beautiful woman you wonder?

What do you drink in the morning?

How Charming Are You?
You Could Use More Charm

It's not totally over for you but you could use more charm for sure. You are half way there because women seem to like you. You have confidence but it can be sometimes misunderstood as cocky. You depend on your good looks too much and have a problem really understanding what women are looking for. Understand that women love personalities before looks.
Your An Old School Charmer

You were born charming. You early connect with women and you are probably are the type of guy who has a lots of female friends. You are smart enough to keep it always flirty but respectful. Your end game is friends first. You love women and believe they have beautiful souls. You are very confident with a fast quick whit about you. Being smooth comes easy to you.
Your A Hip Charmer

You were not born with charm but your love for women has has taught you how to be very charming. You're honest about your intentions. You do not lie or cheat and you really believe what you say. You're smooth and open minded. Women love your company.
Charm Has Missed Your Personally

Sorry to say but you are not a charming person. You do not see women for who they are inside. You find yourself very attractive to women but can't understand why every interactions feels superficial. Although this is not the end game for you. Email us and or read through our website. With the right intentions charm can allow you to have a smoother life.

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